Who composed ERIS's fragrances?

Master perfumer Antoine Lie.

Is ERIS a French brand?

ERIS is an American brand with an American creative director, based in New York City. Its perfumer is French and the fragrances are produced in France and Italy.

Are ERIS fragrances "retro?"

ERIS's founder and creative director fell in love with vintage perfumes, and the bold styles and amazing ingredients of the best of vintage perfumery inspire the brand. But the fragrances, with the exception of Ma Bête, are not retro in style, and even Ma Bête is a modern take on vintage animalics.

Do you offer free samples?

ERIS offers two ways to try before you buy, if you are not near an ERIS retailer. You can purchase samples of the complete line whose entire cost can go toward a full bottle. Or you can purchase a complete Boxed Discovery Set.

Do you offer refunds?

Perfume appreciation is subjective, so please try before you buy. ERIS does not offer refunds.

Do you ship internationally?

Please check ERIS's Stockists list. ERIS might be available in your country or region. If not, please email info@erisparfums.com.

Is ERIS vegan?

Like 99.9% of perfumes on the market, ERIS is vegan (doesn't use animal-based ingredients) with the exception of one perfume. The only ERIS fragrance with natural, animal-based ingredients is Mxxx. extrait, which features authentic Ambergris and Hyraceum, both of which are naturally expelled from animals and whose use does not disturb or harm them or their environments.

Does ERIS test on animals?


Does ERIS contain phthalates?


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Please email info@erisparfums.com, and we'll be happy to answer them!