Eris Parfums

ERIS Chocolate Sampler - 2ml Mx. edp + 2ml Mxxx. extrait


The ERIS Chocolate Sampler, which includes a 2ml spray each of Mx. edp and its animalic flanker, Mxxx. extrait, highlights the elegant and unmistakably gourmand note of cacao in both fragrances, inviting you to compare and delight in their similarities and differences.

In Mx. edp at 18%, there's a subtle hit of Venezuelan cacao that cozies up to the spices, sandalwood, and leather and rounds them out.

In Mxxx. extrait at 20%, a darker Trinidad cacao that perfumer Antoine Lie sourced from a Swiss chocolatier is ultrasound-extracted into a dark, luscious, spicy, and even animalic form by Atelier Français des Matières, the source and manufacturer of all of Mxxx.'s ingredients, including its 7% authentic ambergris. (Ultrasound extraction preserves cacao's creaminess rather than harshly blasting it away.)

For $20 + shipping, you'll receive both Mx. and Mxxx. 2ml sprays, and you'll receive a discount code for $30 that can go toward the purchase a full bottle of either.

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